Johnny Clouds Gets Comical about Ex-Lover in ‘Sentimental Reasons’

A post-break up is a time for reflection; the time when you realize how much you’ve grown from the experience. However, one thing that hinders growing is the inability to move on. Some hold on to memories, others like to hold on to tangibles that represent a memory. As someone who enjoys purchasing things to “immortalize the event” as I call it, I felt attached when I heard Johnny Clouds‘ song ‘Sentimental Reasons.’

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‘Sentimental Reasons’ is sampled from Nat King Cole’s ‘I Love You For Sentimental Reasons,’ which features a loop of the introductory lines beneath a reprised piano melody and boom bap beat. According to Johnny Clouds, the single touches on the effects of a post-break up, where Johnny’s ex-lover finds sentimental attachment to his clothes and accessories. From the first verse to the last, Johnny finds ways to relate the situation through emotional and comical lines, especially for his sports fans:

“I lend her my shit, she kept it like a ball hog/Nah I ain’t fuckin’ witchu, and I ain’t never hitchu/Like Ray Allen from the free throw line, man I ain’t never gon’ miss you”

As Johnny states in his last verse, “No here’s the moral of the story/I aint choosin’ chick over my own priorities,” which indicates exactly where his head is at. He’s hungry and unwilling to be distracted, as he saw his last relationship. The crazy part is that, usually you’d want your clothes back after a break up, but Johnny seemed so fed up that he didn’t even bother getting them back.

This track is storytelling at its finest. With his first and second verse switching between his own voice and his ex-lover’s voice, ‘Sentimental Reasons’ reminds me of ‘Lost Ones’ J. Cole, where the Dreamvillian talks about abortion from his perspective and his lover’s perspective. I’m not saying Johnny Clouds is copying J. Cole, but he’s following the footsteps of someone who went double platinum with no features.

For more on Johnny Clouds, visit his SoundCloud.

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