ScHoolBoy Q’s “JoHn Muir” | Plea to Change the System

ScHoolboy Q releases “JoHn Muir” music video off of his latest Blank Face EP, which exemplifies the hood lifestyle by following the protagonist gang member. The theme recalls the daily encounters in the hood; from robbed innocent people, objectified women, and the influencial power the daily hustle can bring. In reality, there was no power to gain at all.

As exemplified in the video, handling police encounters and gang rivalry are ways to assert dominance. To temporarily avoid this violence is through recreational activities like basketball, smoking weed, and donuts in empty parking structures.

But at the end of the day, there was really no way to get out of the hood life besides hooping — or the very short scene where he picked up his friend from school, which ScHoolboy Q is implying to educate yourself.

Gang violence, police brutality, and the everyday hood hustle is the struggle people within the community have to overcome throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. Power is only subjective to the people within the community, with the system forcing minorities to remain solely in the hood.

In other words, the only way to get out of the hood is to change the system.

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