Netflix and Hip Hop: John Legend to Produce ‘Rhythm & Flow’ Series

John Legend will become a legend in the film and television industry.

Widely known for his talented musical abilities, the R&B superstar is no stranger to acting or producing film. After the recent cancellation of America’s series Underground, John is teaming up with Netflix to produce the new unscripted hip hop competition series Rhythm & Flow.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Image | Michelle Shiers

Variety reports that former NBC Executive Jeff Gaspin and Primary Wave Entertainment will join the Grammy-award winning singer to produce the upcoming hip hop competition series. Rhythm & Flow will be the first show to bring a musical competition series to Netflix in hopes to find the newest, rising hip hop star.

Since the show is still in its early stages, it’s unclear whether or not John Legend will make a physical appearance on the show, nor was any information disclosed on potential guest-rapper appearances.

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Legend is also exercising his producer skill set with actress Tika Sumpter to develop the new WGN series Black Wall Street, which would tell the story of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot.

The John-of-all-trades is not only making music and producing television shows, but also exemplifies his humanitarian side by materializing America’s darkest hours on its most popular streaming platforms. Give this guy an award already.

Though these platforms are mainly for entertainment, it’s important to educate the people on social issues, justice, and equality. It’s the responsibility that comes with the power to influence the masses. Legend seems ready to dominate the film and television industry with the greater good for the community. He’s truly a Legend.

There are no official premiere dates for Rhythm & Flow or Black Wall Street.

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