Joey BADA$$ is “Ready” with dope single


Joey BADA$$ has been released to the boxing ring again. He’s back and he’s ready for the world to go crazy over this knockout, Statik Selektah produced track called “Ready”.

Story By: Nico Blitz

Image: Soundcloud

The Pro Era, Brooklyn product had been long missed since his debut album B4.DA.$$. His latest single proves that he is back in 2016, and is anticipating that his album release will demolish the rap game.

What many don’t bother to look over is the album artwork. If you look closely, Badmon pays homage to human rights activist Malcolm X with a quote:

“So early in my life, I had learned that if you want something you had better make some noise.” – Malcolm X

Also when listening to his first verse, he references Rocky Balboa, which directly correlates with the appointed artwork and his conception of the noise he’s going to make in 2016.

“I feel like Rocky when it come to paparazzi/Somebody stop me, fucking up my kamikaze”


This is one the few songs that I’ve heard that can do two things:

  1. Have a very hardcore message that combines lyricism, nonfictional references, and personal comparisons that make for a very fun listen.
  2. That message being backed up by a very chill, yet exciting instrumental — that consists of a lowkey repetitive piano melody, high chimes, toms and drums (not to mention there are no true kicks in the beat)

It’s only February, and the idea is that Joey seems ready to take this year. However, I’m hoping that this isn’t the best song on his upcoming album.

Although I’m loving every aspect of the single, it wouldn’t do anyone justice if he released the best song on the album already. Because at that point, what more would we have to look forward to?

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