Joe McFly Serves New Lo-Fi Vibes on ‘Ballad of Lex Crudo’

Pomona is steadily becoming a hotbed for new music whether it’s the hardcore punk scene at The Glass House or rising hip-hop artists and producers playing downtown galleries. Following the release of his 2016 album At Night, Pomona-based producer Joe McFly released a dark new single, ‘Ballad of Lex Crudo.’

Story | Zara Hurtado

McFly lends his haunting vocals on this track that takes a look at the depths of drug use as he sings over a spacey, trap beat:

“I begin to wonder/ why I take these pills/ I heard these voices/ from the other side of the walls they ask me/ to come inside.”

The track takes on the emptiness, fear and self-searching that can take place during a bad high. McFly mirrors those overwhelming feelings with lines like :

“Let me get this high/ I need to know/ feel so alive but I lost control.”

The lyrics combined with McFly’s trademark echoey beats and his sci-fi keyboard samples show a darker, more ethereal side of the producer that listeners don’t hear in his collaborations with Slay Squad.

‘Ballad of Lex Crudo’ could hint at a new direction for the producer, one that will hopefully see him continuing to push the boundaries of lo-fi hip-hop.

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