January 28th: The Day Our Lives Changed


Happy Birthday J. Cole! Even on his special day, Cole never ceases to please his fans, who are arguably the most loyal fanbase in hip-hop.

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As a way to give something back to Cole, The Lunch Table Talks wishes him a Happy 30th Birthday by shedding light on some of his accolades since his album release.


Since then, Carolina’s finest, released his clothing line on the Dreamville Website, had the chance to create his personal line of hiking boots with Bally, had an HBO Series based on the 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour, acquired a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance, and developed a Dreamville mixtape titled “Revenge of the Dreamerz II”.

Today, he decides to release 2014 Forest Hills Drive Live, to once again thank his fans for their undying support.


If you were blessed to attend his memorable performance, think of this album as a recollection of his energetic raps, sentimental talks, and emotional roller coaster ride from the stadium.

The first time I went to see J. Cole was during a Summer Jam in Oracle Arena, where Drake was the headliner. Although his performance was mainly comprised of “Cole World: The Sideline Story” tracks, he asked all his day one fans and newly acquired fans to turn on their cell phones, make sure the light is on, wave them in the air, and began singing a slow melodic tune beginning with “Lights please, lights please, turn off the lights…”

At that point, I truly became encapsulated within the moment. He found a way to cement the memory in my head to the point where I still get the feeling that I’m in Oracle, giving off this ineffable effect that makes you believe that he’s talking directly to you.

The 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour reminded me of that initial effect, and the fact that I couldn’t hold my phone in a fixated position may support that enclosing feeling.


Who else can compete with J. Cole’s fans?

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