When You Miss Someone So Badly | Listen to “Too Late” by Janine

Within the midst of The Weeknd and Cardi B both dropping love songs, it’s easy to get lost in your feels and cock block yourself from absorbing any new music for a while. Well that’s why we’re here; to prevent that from happening. One artist I’ve been following for the longest time who goes by Janine (formerly known as Janine and the Mixtape) deserves the spotlight amongst music’s most popular icons with her latest single “Too Late“.

Janine starts off “Too Late” by confessing that she’s been missing an ex-lover. The catalyst of her feelings is in the form of a dream, indicating the soul singer’s undeniable urge to be reunited with her past. But years have passed, her inamorato/a has moved on, and for the most part, they’ve become strangers with only memories being a link to familiarity. Nonetheless, Janine’s detailed a feeling that has traveled through all of us at one point: love.

This song will definitely get you in your feels. It sounds like it belongs on a movie soundtrack for a romantic comedy with a tragic ending. But that’s just my opinion. And don’t worry about hopping on the Janine train in 2018, it’s never too late to be a fan especially with a tour to look forward to.

Janine just began her Before It’s Too Late tour in San Francisco on March 24, which unquestionably is a tour that brings her fans back to her ‘Mixtape’ days and promotes her 2018 single. After your listen to “Too Late” you might wanna buy some tickets through her website.

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