Jai Yunae Recalls Mid-2000s R&B/Rap in “Last 4Eva” Track

Hip Hop artist/comedian Jai Yunae puts us in our feels with her song “Last 4Eva.” The song starts off with a prominent tambourine beat then hits you with the first verse. The scene is set on a rainy day when Jai arrives home to her boyfriend who is unlike anyone she’s ever been with.

Story | Alyssa San Agustin

“I don’t, I don’t know where this is going. You can’t, you can’t really see if this is real. There’s hope, we hope that we’re gonna be together. Sun or stormy weather , we gon last forever.”

She then talks about the reality that is love. When you enter a relationship, you’re entering a world of uncertainty and hope. You’re not sure whether things are going to work out until the end so all you can do is hope.

Izzy Rey then jumps onto the track:

“The storms will come but if we ride it out the sun will shine. Relationships got ups and downs but I promise you it’ll be worth it when we’re mountain high. I put 50, you put 50. Our love is 100.”

Izzy continues to keep it real as he raps about the struggles that relationships come with but he also goes to show that there’s always a way and a will to overcome them. A relationship takes equal work and when you both put in the work to stick it through the tough times you’ll never regret it.

It’s a beautiful mellow jam that makes you reflective of past, present, and future relationships. It brings to light not only the harsh cold truth but the beautiful as well. Love can last forever as long as you put in the strength and work to endure rough times.

For more on Jai Yunae, check out her project Beats Per Minute EP that just dropped on December 13.

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