Meet Jai Yunae: LA’s Own Actor by Day, Rapper by Night

Many of the talented that live in the Greater Los Angeles Area are likely not even from California. The melting pot in Southern California serves as a catalyst for young stars in the making with dreams of showcasing their skills in the entertainment industry. With that said, it’s no question why Jai Yunae – Korea-born rapper and actor who moved to and from Los Angeles to Arizona alongside her family – decided to return to the City of Angels.

Story | Nico Blitz

Photo | Sheridan Montgo

With a dope hairstyle to match her lyrical abilities, Jai is making noise throughout social media and Los Angeles radio stations with a muse to relate her experiences to, but not limited to, the inhabitants of her roots.

She just dropped her debut Beats Per Minute EP and shared much insight on the project, while heuristically giving us fragments of herself through personal stories in our interview below:

00:00 – Interview
09:13 – “Don’t Care” by Jai Yunae
12:25 – “Fallin’ Up” by Jai Yunae featuring Aneylia
15:09 – Interview
23:02 – “Last 4 Eva” by Jai Yunae featuring Izzy Rey
27:06 – “Just Lust” by Jai Yunae
31:00 – Interview
32:22 – Recess Freestyle with Jai Yunae

Beats Per Minute EP is available for purchase. For more on Jai Yunae, visit her website.

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