“Break” by Jack Larsen Reminds Us Appreciate Simple Things

Do you ever think life is moving to fast? Wouldn’t you wish you were a kid again, where everything was simple and happy? Break” by Jack Larsen is a song that’ll take you down memory lane. You’ll feel youthful, full of innocence, and it’ll get you thinking about your true calling in life.

The music video to “Break” contains a lot of mirrors, which symbolizes the fact that Jack Larsen is currently reflecting on his role in life. When we’re busy with work, school, or whatever shenanigans you might get into, we tend to forget that a break is something we need has humans — this is when we reminisce on the simplest things we’ve been through:

“I broke my arm when I was 5 / Did my first push ups when I was 9 / I fell in love at 17 / Same year I tripped on LSD”

This single is about personal growth, and how self-love should be adamant in all our life experiences. We don’t realize how quickly life passes us by. Break” is that reminder to step away from daily routines and simply live in the present moment. The music video is edited and directed by Jack Larsen, and his debut album Push-Ups is releasing on May 18th.



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