“Internlude” by Khary | A Song For Unspoken Interns

Have you ever felt unappreciated? As if your efforts of affection are meaningless or unnoticed? Do you feel like the person you are trying cater to the most is constantly stepping on you? Chances are you are either a mother or an intern.

Rhode Island rapper Khary makes an album for the unappreciated demographics in modern society: the unpaid intern.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

“Internlude” from Khary’s mixtape Intern Aquarium allows us to hear the perspective of an intern who is treated like 💩.

“Intern aquarium, an aquarium full of interns
Most unpaid, never praised for their good work (never)
Boss sent me across town pick up a package (pick up a fucking package)”

Intern Aquarium is Khary’s way of comparing corporations with glass buildings to a fish tank — the owners/bosses are the sharks and are allowed to do as they please. While Khary, treated as a fish, is kept for their amusement.

“Got two part-times ‘cause they don’t even pay here”

Khary describes the experience of someone undergoing the struggle. Interns are often misrepresented as unknowledgeable, and Khary wishes to challenge the status quo by exemplifying his grind through Intern Aquarium.

The song ends with a skit featuring Jermaine Fowler, who plays the hiring manager that decides to send Khary a passive aggressive email for his negligence to return with a receipt for coffee.

This is the most common stereotype that all interns experience, and it’s easy to face internship execution from a synonymous downfall. But don’t get discouraged from an internship if your boss is a jerk. Just remember that even those higher ups were once in an identical situation, and the opportunity to change the system starts with you.

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