Anticipating The Internet’s Funk-Filled Project With “Come Over”

The Internet is back at it with another funk-filled track from their much anticipated new album Hive Mind. Syd leads the way for the Los Angeles-based group with her signature smooth vocals, adding a flirty touch to their 2018 single “Come Over”.

If you loved the lyrical foreplay from her debut project Fin, then you’ll enjoy this single. Steve Lacy shines on the guitar, who at 20, continues to solidify himself as a musical star in the making.

The track is purely Los Angeles summertime funk, and you’ll find yourself easily two-stepping in the kitchen with this one, or playing it for your summer boo.

The Internet stands out on it’s own not just for their music as a collective, but because each band member brings their own unique flavor to the table. We have seen them shine in their live performances as well as their solo projects respectively from Syd, Steve Lacy, Patrick Paige, Matt Martians and Christopher A. Smith.

The chemistry is undeniable on stage and off, and it clearly resonates in every delicately produced track.

Ego Death (Their 2015 release) was the death of all our individual egos and now it’s like we’re one group ego,” Matt Martians shared on Beats 1 Radio. “We move as a unit. We’ve become closer since the solo projects. It’s weird, you feel like most bands when they do solo projects, it sort of drifts. But I feel like going out on your own sort of got us battle wounds that we can all relate to.”

“We all move in a unit now. It’s really interesting. Hive Mind is basically one mind. Five people with one mind.”

The Internet is the future of R&B Grooves & Funk and everything in between. They’re a very special group of musicians that have blessed us with amazing music, and from what we’ve heard so far, the new album is on track to be that and more.

Stay tuned at The Lunch Table for updates on the full release of Hive Mind.

Photo via The Internet

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