Indie Thot Previews Debut Project with ‘Okay.’ featuring his son, Bentley

Circa October 2015, I met Adam Douglas during one of our mutual friend’s birthday celebrations. We conversed about our life goals, which eventually got us talking about hip-hop, its icons, the longevity of certain artists, and its influence on society. This focal point later revealed Adam’s coexisting identity, Indie Thot, the rapper and producer whose purpose is to positively impact the world just as hip-hop’s icons have done.

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Today, Indie Thot is seemingly ready to unravel his project¬†Story of I, his debut opus that’s been on an incognito level matching Dr. Dre’s unreleased¬†Detox. Its first single ‘Okay.’ introduces a hyperactive, well-spoken rap artist that blends clarity, lyricism, and a dynamic instrumentation within nearly three minutes.

The interesting part about ‘Okay.’ is that it samples his son, Bentley. Starting his rap career almost as early as Asahd’s executive producer career, Bentley shows a promising future as he demolishes the hook by repeating “okay.”

“I had the song done except the hook and was like this is dope. The verses are good, the production, everything, but I needed a good hook. I kept hearing ‘okay’ in my head,” Indie Thot said. “Whenever I make music I let my son listen and he actually helps me a lot with the creative process for my music. So I said you know what, Bentley come say ‘okay’ into the mic. And I just had him do it and it sounded exactly like the sample I kept hearing.”

According to the Riverside hip-hop phenom, ‘Okay.’ is only the first of many records we’ll hear Bentley on.

“He’s my right hand man. He’ll be on a lot of my stuff in the future.”

Story of I currently has no release date, but is expected to be released later this year. Stay tuned for more from Indie Thot and Bentley.

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