Las Vegas is More than Sin City: Listen to “City Knights” by Indica

Las Vegas, Nevada: a city known for its undying nightlife. Though its slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” still applies to anyone who stays a night in the city, homegrown rapper Indica combating it with in regards to his rap career.

Indica is a hip hop artist who fuses neo soul into his music, straying away from strict bars and lyricism and focusing more on touching your soul. His latest record with soul singer Harvey Listen titled “City Knights” pays homage to the city that shaped him. Adjacent to strip clubs, bars, and where all sorts of mishaps happen on a daily basis, Indica instead finds himself grinding on music and deflecting the temptation to get lost in the sins the city has to offer.

It’s no question that artists love to represent their city, however in Indica’s case, it’s seemingly difficult to shine as a rapper from Las Vegas when it’s the nightlife entertainment capital of the world. But just as a knight looks to defend is kingdom, it seems like Indica’s campaign looks to prove that Sin City is not only about its commercialized lifestyle; rather it’s a place where raw, talented musicians are also born. His campaign is similar to Tee-Double’s from Austin, Texas, who’s attempting to rise the moral of the city’s unpopular homegrown rappers despite Austin being the “Live Musical Capital of the World”.

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City Knights” also indicates Indica’s return from a one year hiatus in hip hop. His 3rd full-length project The Realization (2016), further describes his struggles as an artist trying to push the envelope from his home turf. Peep Indica The Realization here.

(Photo Courtesy: Indica, Facebook)

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