Chance the Rapper’s “How Great” Video: Viewing Life at Different Angles

Being different is a key to success. Communicating with your fans is a key to success. Reinforcing that anyone can replicate your success is a key to success. Though these direct words may not come from DJ Khaled himself, Chance the Rapper comes with these keys to success and much more based on his “How Great” music video.

Story | Nico Blitz

Featuring his cousin Nicole and Roc Nation rap artist Jay Electronica, “How Great” is Chano’s Coloring Book track that truly depicts his belief in God. It resonates the idea that, no matter how normal your life may seem, you have the same capabilities as everyone else to accomplish great things. The music video to “How Great” is a prime example of that, being shot from the world’s most popular electronic device — an iPhone.

The unorthodox visual production of “How Great” — to simply put it — is great. Although the video has a Snapchat-like look to it — where laptop users will have to turn their screens 90 degrees — and the Chicago rapper’s decision to incorporate sporadic close-up shots and a black-and-white filter, it’s a challenge for non-believers to see life at a different angle.

Think of it this way: we’ve been conditioned to think horizontal imaging is the most appropriate way to view a video or movie. Though it’s a lot easier to see images without turning your head, Chance the Rapper is enticing us to challenge the norms of life.

His reawakening in Coloring Book clearly shows his belief in God. Whether it was his newly born daughter that changed his Acid Rap ways, or whatever the cause, he sees life as black-and-white — something simple that should be appreciated when you find that one aspect that changes your entire perception.

When you think of his “How Great” music video, think about the simple things in life that you can make great. Put the simple things that life has to offer on a high pedestal. May be then you’ll truly see “How Great” life is.

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