Hip Hop Responsible for Rape Culture, According to Trump Spokeswoman

Theorists, sociologists, journalists and just general people on the Internet speculate that the music we listen to, especially Hip Hop, hits a deeper nerve that just the surface pleasure of listening to a good tune. Many people believe the messages in the music we choose to listen to shape us and our moral standards.

Story | Madison Lippincott

This is why Hip Hop has long been blamed for multiple kinds of violence such as gang violence and domestic violence. Unfortunately, there’s another type of that’s becoming more and more prevalent in our lives everyday – sexual violence. We are slowly unveiling the rape culture that has always had its claws deep in our everyday lives. While most people blame rape culture on the general sexism against women that occurs in this country, others venture that it’s something more specific than that.

Some blame Hip Hop music. One person in particular has made it abundantly clear to the media that she believes Hip Hop music is entirely to blame for the insane amount of sexual assault that occurs in America. This person in particular is none other than Katrina Pierson – spokesperson and loyal advocate to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

On Oct. 11, Pierson did an interview with CNN in which she defended his supposed “locker room talk” with the following statement: “I find it quite rich that we have Democrats and the left talking about rape culture when they’re the ones backed fully by Hollywood. This rape culture is purported by none other than the entertainment industry, none other than Hip Hop music, which you can hear on local radio.”

Let me repeat the important part of that for those in the back: Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson believes that “this rape culture is purported by… none other than Hip Hop music.”

The interview can be viewed below.

Pierson and the Trump campaign as a whole received a load of backlash from members of the Hip Hop community. Rapsody, North Carolina native and rapper, called Donald Trump and his campaign staff for their disgusting appropriation of Hip Hop culture in an article she wrote for Billboard two days later.

“You love to attack Hip Hop,” Rapsody wrote in said article. “The media paints Hip Hop – and most things dealing with black culture – as the catalyst for all world problems. In reality, however, you hate Hip Hop because it turns the mirror on America and shows her just how ugly she has been to many.”

Rapsody pleads with voters to think of their daughters, their mothers, their grandmothers, their wives, their sisters, their girlfriends, the women in their lives. She explains that it is not only ourselves that we are voting for but the greater good of America as a whole. If we choose to elect someone who is disrespects and degrades more than half of our population as a country, then we deserve the outcome.

“To exercise your right to vote on a man that you think will make America ‘great again,’ based on his celebrity and fortune, well… I guess he indeed ‘grabbed your p—y.’ So, this to him is just a game, and you got played.”

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