How Hi-Tone is the Leading Voice For Mexican-American Rappers

You don’t know the leading voice for Mexican-American rappers if you don’t know Hi-Tone.

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According to Census Reporter, Los Angeles County is 49% Hispanic, that’s roughly 4.9 million people. Amongst those people, King Lil G, CNG, Mad Macks, Reverie and Hi-Tone (for example), are rappers who individually represent Latin Americans on this platform known as hip hop. Though each represent the culture in unique ways, Hi-Tone proves to be the gatekeeper for rap artists within the culture for one reason: “Voice”.

“They said if I was black I would’ve blew up/They said if I was white I would’ve blew up/I think y’all actin’ racist like Adolph/Remember the end of the story Hitler blew his brain off”

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The opening bars of “Voice” is just an ounce of reality. Hip Hop is black culture and its difficult for white people to be fully accepted into the culture. Evidently, its much more difficult for other minorities (in this case Mexican-Americans), to have a prominent voice in hip hop. Tone explained, “there’s still no Mexican-American being championed on (Los Angeles) radio. Not one of us has reach super stardom in the rap game.”

However despite Mexican-Americans being less visible in the genre, Hi-Tone creates satire in verse 2, explaining the reality of their national visibility and importance:

“Everywhere you eat my people are cookin’ up for you/Everywhere you stayin’ my people are cleanin’ up for you/Trump build a wall yeah fuck I’m climbin’ up for you/Either way this Mexican coming to spit a verse for you”

The Los Angeles-based rapper may be the dominant force in hip hop as a representative for Mexican-Americans. When I first heard “Voice”, I felt his desire to push his people on rap’s radar — supplying us with facts, entertainment, and emotional opinion all in three verses. And isn’t that what we look for when we visualize a true rap artist?

To push his vision further, Hi-Tone released The Voice Documentary on YouTube. His album Price of Admission is set to release on December 15th.

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