Unraveling Hawaiian Rap Artists

On account of The Lunch Table taking a trip to Hawaii for a week, here’s a playlist of Hawaiian rap artists and songs.

Story | Nico Blitz

Photo | Taylor Preza

Farmers Market Hawaii is a local streetwear brand known for their ability to successfully link art and culture to their business and the people. “The Lower Aina Project” was created by the group in order to shed light to some of the problems in the islands.

Though Adam Kostylo hasn’t made noise in a couple of years, the Honolulu prospect doesn’t disappoint with what he’s put out to the world.

And last but not least, the most recent remix of J. Boog’s “Let’s Do It Again”, the 2015 summer jam “Do It Again” by Pia Mia.

The Lunch Table is sending Shakas from Hawaii.

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