This Place Sells Gourmet Hotdogs Named After Hip Hop Moguls

This unique food vendor in the U.K. encourages you to pig out. Literally. Piggie Smalls Hotdog Co. is a mega festival food concession that is located in Manchester. The best part? Their hotdogs are hip hop inspired.

On the list of porky food and puns include the “Notorious P.I.G. Dog” served with beer braised onions and bacon jam and the “Chilli con Kanye Dog” made with rich beef chilli accompanied with smashed tortilla chips.

The creative menu even includes the “Amy Swinehouse Dog,” served with pulled pork and Jim Beam BBQ sauce, named after the late popular soul singer Amy Winehouse.

Piggie Smalls Hotdog - The Lunch Table
Image via @piggysmallsyo

The mobile restaurant was named among 10 best gourmet hotdogs in Manchester according to Wow247. And not only are the food names quite entertaining, but apparently their social media is as well. @PiggieSmallsYo was listed in the Top 12 Manchester food and drink Twitter accounts you must follow by Manchester Evening News.

Found at major U.K. festivals, the street vendor can be easily spotted, serving out of a trailer that has an 8-foot revolving hotdog on the top.

Piggie Smalls Hotdog - The Lunch Table
Image via @piggysmallsyo

View their Twitter page to see where you can go ham next.

Written by Tay Preza

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