“Godspeed” by Merlaku Ra | A Wish of Luck on New Journies

Merlaku Ra released a new collaboration with alecBe, TakaiTheArtist, Goodpeoples, and MAJVR. The single, “Godspeed,” features a slow but heavy baseline and, surprisingly, a trumpet or two.

Story | Madison Lippincott

The 3:22 minute song begins with a slow hook followed by what seems to be a trumpet solo.

I gots to live
I gots to know
I gots to breathe
I gots to go
I won’t be rich
I can’t be poor
You’ll surely miss
Come right on home
Godspeed (x25)

The song then goes into a bit of a lull as Merlaku Ra begins to spit his lines. This lull is decorated with little bits from the trumpet and a slow, steady beat in the background.

I’m either a god or a fallen angel
Living by the mud, I got some dirt on my halo
Cards all on the table, I dealt
When all the pressures of depression kill my lungs
I smoke a blunt for my health

The overall vibe from the song is pretty negative – many hardships of life are thrown around. There’s mention of depression, as we see in the set of lyrics above, but there’s also talk of jail and even death.

I’m lost in my mind
I found a coffin in my future
That’s a prison that they lock me inside

This song holds a lot of emotion. However, it is a representation of the negatives that come with your past and the knowledge it gives you moving forward. By definition, “Godspeed” means to wish good upon those starting a new journey. So, by speaking of the bad times in his life mixed with the mantra heard throughout the song, Merlaku Ra is wishing luck to loved one on a journey. Or, perhaps, is about to embark on a new journey himself.

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