Women Empowerment: “Looking Back” by Gavlyn, Reverie & Vel The Wonder

Three powerful women of color look back at their accomplishments and prove they can do anything that anyone can do. Gavlyn, Reverie and Vel the Wonder are some of the dopest emcees to rock the microphone. Their collaborative record called “Looking Back” recaptures their past accolades – cyphers, shows, and fan interactions – and more proves that they’re just as ill as any emcee alive.

Looking Back” is off Gavlyn’s 2018 opus HEADSPACE. Though Gavlyn is known to include real-life moments in her videos, this particular visual is a time capsule for all three rappers, showing some of their humble beginnings and proudest moments. Their evolution as emcees can be looked as a presentation for younger women who want to be a part of the music industry.

This release drops right on time for Women’s History Month; though we’re switching it up to Women’s Appreciation Month. “Looking Back” exemplifies three dope lyricists who shine not because they’re females, but because they’re really dope and have messages that people love to hear. Especially during March, let’s look to appreciate dope lyricists because of the quality of music they present to us. Let’s not see Gavlyn, Reverie and Vel as dope female emcees, but rather just dope emcees.

Listen to Gavlyn’s album HEADSPACE below, which include singles like “Calling“, “Thankful” (which released on Thanksgiving 2017), and “Pass That” (for Mary Jane smokers).

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