Gavlyn Inspires Work Ethic and Perseverance on Her Latest Track ‘Calling’

As humans, we’ve all had days where a lack of inspiration kicks in, leaving us to temporarily retreat from our responsibilities. As a wordsmith, writer’s block can last anywhere between an hour and several months, and it’s a horrible feeling to sit on that block with hopes of it instantaneously disappearing. What I learned is that it takes persistence, thus filtering out the crappy work to get something good. Far from being a crappy emcee, Gavlyn tells her story of finding inspiration on her new track ‘Calling.’

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‘Calling’ starts off with Gavlyn entering a function, a haven for her soul to unravel her deepest thoughts through her bars. And like a stranger walking into a room in search of wifi, Gavlyn is looking for a connection between herself and her listeners. Essentially, the connection she’s trying to make in ‘Calling’ comes down to a person’s willingness to work and persevere for their goals.

“I step into the function looking sweeter than a honeydew/ Thinkin’ ways to make my mark, yeah something like the legends do/ Then again, there’s no rules to this, now you gotta figure out/ How I did that really, if you really wanna make it out”

As an aspiring FM radio host, my mentors told me there’s no right way to achieve my goal. There are on-air personalities who make it in three years, and some within a year’s span, but what comes into play is one’s work ethic, timing, and a sprinkle of luck.

When you factor in those aforementioned aspects in hip-hop, you’ll notice that disposable rappers want an easy way to fame. There’s an abundance of them who look for quick cash by hopping on what’s hot in mainstream hip-hop today. Many lack originality and reject the idea of being different. Not to say this doesn’t work (as we’ve seen in today’s mumble rap and trap movement), but longevity and a legendary status isn’t in the picture.

Gavlyn isn’t quite legendary, but that destination is foreseeable in her future as she continues to inspire herself and her fans with every song.

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