G-Eazy and Friends Develop Historical Concert at Oracle Arena

As a young kid from the Bay, young Gerald frequently attended Golden State Warriors games at the arena in Oakland, but his seats were far from the court. Instead he enjoyed the hometown team up in the rafters of the 200 sections, where the players looked only as big ass ants.

Story | Jasmine Sabagquit

The other night his experience was a complete 180, as he took center stage in a sold out Oracle Arena for “G-Eazy & Friends.” He made it a note to himself, that one day he was going to sell out the whole arena, and that is exactly what he did. The night, deemed, “Historical at the Oracle,” did not disappoint, as he put together what is arguably the best compiled show of Bay Area performers to date, from Jay Ant, Marc E. Bassy, Nef the Pharaoh, P-Lo, Marty Grimes, Rob $tone, Caleborate, Bay Area OGs Keak Da Sneak, Mistah FAB, Too $hort and E-40. He even invited Lil Yachty, KYLE and French Montana to perform their hits, letting everybody know that the Bay has love for everybody who’s down with them.

The highlight of the night, wasn’t the fire explosions, fancy lights and the guest appearances, but it was the presence that G-Eazy possessed on that stage. It wasn’t just any other show he put on for his loyal fan base. Instead, it was a thank you to his roots, his influences and community. Throughout the night he expressed to the crowd:

“It’s about our area. It’s about our community… Can I freeze this moment forever?”

He laid his heart out on the stage, probably no greater moment than during his performance for “Everything Will be OK,” where he raps about his family and the trials and tribulations they faced together. It’s an emotional song, but hearing G-Eazy spit every word from his soul, and see him have to turn away from the crowd for a few moments, as he shed a few tears, you knew he took you to an intimate, personal place. Many times throughout the night, you could see him gazing into the crowd and up into those same seats in the rafters that he once sat in, humbled and blessed of the very moment he was experiencing.

This was a very special way to close out the year for G-Eazy & Friends, and they shared every moment right at home in the Bay Area, in Oakland.

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