FYI Presents America’s Unsung Truth in ‘These The Times (Don’t Judge)’

At times life deals cards that leave us feeling cornered. We’re put in situations that force us to survive, which in FYI’s case is to sell drugs and inebriation. From the outside looking in, we never really see what leads up to the situation, and therefore, gives us more reason to not judge a person’s life decisions. This perspective is presented in FYI’s latest single ‘These The Times (Don’t Judge).’

Story | Nico Blitz

In the first single off his upcoming project ameriBLACKKK, FYI battles himself on countless factors: selling drugs, attending a 4-year university, or simply succumbing to sliding in DMs. The chorus, sung by Kaye Foxx, reveals that these battles are what many young Americans go through, especially African Americans. However, the Los Angeles-based rapper opens up with “Sometimes to see the bigger picture you have to develop the negative/Resuscitate our problem causing drama to have a chance to live,” to show that these battles are what produces the strongest warriors.

As a Filipino American, I don’t fully comprehend the struggles that my African American brothers and sisters go through. I’ve felt cornered, judged and discriminated, but not synonymously. Listening to ‘These The Times (Don’t Judge)’ helps me further understand the situations most African Americans are born in to. It’s sometimes inevitable to be born into a life of selling drugs, but it does also come down to how far any of us are willing to remain in that life.

Though these cards aren’t the best hand to be dealt with, FYI raps “Do I graduate Cal State, or pimp baddies on Instagram?/Either way before I hurt I’ll put a doubter in an ambulance,” where I realize his willingness to place himself in a better situation.

This track depicts his perspective on the black community and how trapped some people may feel, but also leads the way for improvement from this comfortability. ‘These The Times’ will be on his upcoming project ameriBLACKKK. Catch his release party on May 19th at Delicious Pizza in Hollywood.

FYI Album Release Party

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