Futuristic “Bodied” Emoji video


Just when we thought music videos lost its creativity, rapper Futuristic teams up with director Jakob Owens to create this fun filled, emoji-based 4 minute piece of art for the single “Bodied (#OneTake)”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 4.55.53 PM.png

Left: Devvon Terrell, Middle: Jakob Owens, Right: Futuristic

Story By: Nico “Blitz” Triunfante


The track features Devvon Terrell, who lyrically and visually fits perfectly on “Bodied (#OneTake)”. Both rappers showcase a closet of flows and build enough hype in the video, which makes the duo impossible to look away from.

Credit: Youtube.com/TheBuffNerds

To know more about what Futuristic has in store, check out his website www.onlyfuturistic.com

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I love the creative process that all parties materialized into this single. It’s promoted as the video that ‘brings emojis to life’ and there’s no questioning that.

In a futuristic sense I hope that this provokes other directors to follow the trend of personal creativity as opposed to conforming to what the mainstream desires. In other words, be the trend setter, don’t be the follower.

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