HNDRXX is the Future of Hip Hop and Fashion, Collabs with Forever 21

Forever 21 and HNDRXX make history for hip hop and clothing retailers. Though he’s still on his HNDRXX Tour, Future collaborates with Cease & Desist to sell his official, exclusive merchandise at the international retailer.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Although Forever 21 is more poppy, modern and trendy, this collaboration proves an actualization that tour merchandise has become a necessity in fashion. The collection consists of dad hats, hoodies and graphic tees priced at $35 or above. Certain merchandise also features lyrics from a couple of HNDRXX songs, and another pays homage to his highest Billboard charting single “Mask Off”.


Fred Foster, the Creative Director/mastermind behind the HNDRXX collection believes Forever 21 is the most ideal situation for Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn’s merchandise.

“I wanted to create something unique and timeless, yet accessible, that could spread the message of HNDRXX to fans all over the globe,” Foster said. “Forever 21 is the perfect conduit for that.”

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The collection came out after the Freebandz x Reebok collaboration last month. However, this particular collaboration between Future and Forever 21 is particularly important because of its effect on the future of the hip hop world.

Future HNDRXX Forever 21 - The Lunch Table
Future HNDRXX x Forever 21

The genre is becoming common lifestyle as time goes on considering it’s one of the most popular genres of music – according to Nielson Music – and is now unquestionably taking over in the fashion realm. Future is a leader, proving that hip hop’s diversity and style is infectious worldwide.

Future’s unexpected release sends a larger message out to his fans than simply putting out a clothing line. He proves that change is necessary and he is promoting diversity and entrepreneurship in the most creative way he knows how.

Other rappers who currently collaborate with clothing retailers include J. Cole and Logic, who both have tour merchandise available at Urban Outfitters.

Order your HNDRXX merch on Forever 21’s website.

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