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Love is a vague concept. It is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “desires”, and Latin meaning “it is pleasing”. Love can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. Love can also be described by a virtue representing unselfish human kindness, compassion, and affection. It may also describe affectionate actions towards other humans.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Everyone has their own interpretation on what love is. When considering the concept of love in interpersonal relationships it is often misleading to denounce the absence of love when a relationship goes bad. These problems occur when there is a misconception that “the love is lost’’ occurs within one member of the dying relationship.

R&B singer/songwriter Ben Burden from Charlotte, North Carolina debates the concept of love with the track “Fuck Love”.

The Carolina singer believes love is broken. He mentions he cheated in previous relationships, and if anyone is allowed to cheat out of their own free will, where do we draw the line on what defines a relationship?

“Fuck love cause I’m tired of arguing for no reason
Fuck you cause I’m all alone
Fuck love cause I cheated
Fuck love I don’t want it no
But goddamn girl I’m fiending for it…”

To add to his argument, Ben describes that the end of a relationship allows you to only feel your own emotions without having a solid interpretation of your partners’.

“Fuck me cause I’m selfish
And fuck you cause you understand
Fuck me for the lying
And fuck you for believing it
Fuck you for the crying cause
I know I’m the reason, damn
Fuck love we don’t need it no
Fuck love it don’t understand”

Even though the concept of love is subjective there are still clear societal rules in monogamous relationships. Unnecessary desires occur time from time, but in order to maintain your own concept of “love” it’s suggested to fight those urges and hope your partner does the same.

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