Florida Rapper Kaiydo packs a punch with “Fruit Punch”

If today’s Hip Hop culture was a city, it could be divided into two distinct neighborhoods: on one side you have the self-proclaimed “Hip Hop heads”, who delight in dissecting lyrics, and the more mainstream sensibilities, content with the turn-up and catching a good vibe.

Story | Ricky Rodas

While both sides are busy bumping heads, Central Florida rapper Kaiydo is dodging the squabble to craft music that bridges the gap between lyrical and party-worthy.

At only 19 years old, Kaiydo is steadily amassing a solid fan-base, thanks in part to his witty wordplay and hard hitting, jubilant beats crafted for a night spent riding with the homies.

This is even more astonishing considering Kaiydo currently has only 4 songs released, one of which is the amazingly fun “Fruit Punch”, which garnered praise from actress Kate Hudson.

In a Snapchat video, Hudson documented her afternoon activities which include enjoying a nice glass of wine in the bathtub while jamming out to Kaiydo’s “Fruit Punch”.

The actress is not the only person partying to the song, however, as “Fruit Punch” just recently reached 1 million plus streams on Spotify.

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