A Song to Get Over A Broken Relationship: “New Wave” by Franskiiz

We’re living in a time when music is very vibrant and wavy, and that comes down to the production and the simplicity of an artist’s lyrics. Earlier this year we featured Francis Gora aka Franskiiz, a violin player from Hawaii who covered “God’s Plan” by Drake, but who also has a goal to become successful in the music industry by integrating the same vibrant sounds we enjoy hearing with his unique essence only found in the Hawaiian islands. His latest record “New Wave” is a step into his success, which combines today’s popular sound with a little bit of the aloha spirit.

New Wave” is Francis‘ transition into the next chapter of life, and more specifically with a new companion. After leaving his hometown for school in Arizona, a potential long distance relationship may not have been ideal. However, with his new wave, it sounds like he’s ready to move forward and really pursue music.

Imagine getting out of a long-term relationship. Half of you is sad, and the other half feels liberated. Do you really want to wait for hella long just to feel happy again? For us who need that extra push to get over the hump following a break up, “New Wave” is the song that’ll help you get through the day.

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