“fo(u)r.” For You | A Controlled Chaotic EP by Femdot

Hip Hop is slowly becoming a genre oversaturated with artists emulating synonymous flows, and instrumentals duplicating deep bass and fruity synthesizers. Even samples are being remade with a contemporary sound. So when you look into a Chicago artist who sticks to the roots of rap music — boom bap beats and mixing samples — you get brought back to the 90s, when Hip Hop was at its prime.

Story | Nico Blitz

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fo(u)r. by Femdot is the Chicago native’s third overall project — following Femdelacreme (2014) and The King Dilla EP (2015). Featuring only Shawnee Dez and Sherren Olivia, the self-titled King Dilla takes us on a journey into his revamped lifestyle, partnered with controlled chaotic beats produced by Mike Wavvs, D. Phelps, and ALLREAL.

Femdot is exemplified as a soulful, poetic rap artist based on his conscious raps paired with soul oldies samples. Two of the three samples in “341” including “You Can Always Count On Me” by The Gap Band,  “And Don’t You Say No” by Roy Ayers, where King Dilla emulates the old school hits.

Nonetheless, fo(u)r. is a prime example of creativity in Hip Hop. What mainstream artists promote nowadays is a repetitive hook matched with a repetitive beat, albeit catchy and contagious, they lack one necessary ingredient in creating a classic hit: soul.

Soul is simple to come by, and it’s easily spotted when an artist is able to emotionally and mentally touch you. Unfortunately, the industry seems to be promoting disposable artists considering people’s attention spans are falling short. But artists like Femdot who refuse to connect with the world instantly, would rather see their craft slowly grow while upholding the soul-filled, personal standards they’ve made for themselves.

It’s likely you won’t come across an artist as musically creative and talented as Femdot, who can control the chaos of the instrumental to his favor. Enjoy this EP, because Femdot made it for you.

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