What is the Floss Dance and Who Created it?

The Floss Dance has become the latest dance trend to go viral, but what is it exactly and who is behind the squeaky clean moves?

From the Nae Nae to the Harlem Shake (and even the Mannequin Challenge if you count that motionless trend), dance trends are no new sensation kids tend to find themselves grooving to. The latest one to hit national television time? The Floss Dance. And no, not actual flossing of the teeth.

What does the actual dance consist of? It is when you swings your stiff arms and hips in unison, all while taking turns with swinging your arms behind your pack from left to right or vice versa, making it look like flossing of the teeth, but no teeth are involved. The move itself, seems simple, but the challenging part, is being able to do it extremely fast.

The dance was allegedly created by 16-year-old Georgia native, Russel Horning, also known as the “Backpack Kid.” Horning has been posting videos since as early as 2015 while dancing with his backpack on, but got his serious fame while doing the dance during Katy Perry’s performance on Saturday Night Live.

He calls the swift moves, the “Russell,” but it has recently been popularly known as the “Floss Dance.” And now many have swung their way into the latest trend, including Ellen DeGeneres.

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