Femdot Raises the Bar On thr(we).

Chicago artist Femdot released his third album thr(we).. The album, which debuted exclusively on SoundCloud, includes five full-length tracks featuring fellow artist Sherren Olivia.

Story | Madison Lippincott

Image | Femdot Soundcloud

The album as a whole is fairly upbeat with a retro FM radio twist in the intros and outros. Regardless, thr(we). takes a stab at a number of topics, some day-to-day and others on the darker side.

The first, and by far most popular, song on the album “onourown.” speaks lightheartedly of many things, such as girls, friends, getting rich, and his return to the music industry. All in the all, the theme of self-promotion is, for once, refreshingly charming.

Yo, I tell them, Delacreme is back
In the dbm snapping the rim is back
I said your man is back
Just to give your female love
She a cheetah girl like two-thirds of 3 I dub
And I’m still getting rich with areas
In the front of the ’94 like a 21-year-old Aquarius

The second song on the album, a personal favorite of mine, features Sherren Olivia who is no stranger to spitting with Femdot. The two weave a trappy tale of love and lust in “whtyawnt”. While Sherren Olivia’s voice is a nice touch to the track, the track mostly just Femdot trying to convince her that he “got what [she] want and what [she] need.” For all intents and purposes, this is a one-sided love song in favor of Sherren Olivia.

I might have to pull up on you
I might have to slide in them DM’s
Damn near make you my BM
Really just for the weekend
Come on no rush yeah we can sleep in

The album’s final track, “kola’sinterlude”, circles back to his roots. He raps about his humble beginnings in music and his bad luck with girls. However, the message of this song is in its title.

The definition of interlude, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “an intervening or interruptive period, space, or event.” In short, we should be expecting more from him in the near future.

This album as well as the rest of the music he’s released to this day are available on in SoundCloud. However, you can find his freshman EP The King Dilla and a couple singles on iTunes and Spotify.

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