“Feel It In the Air” Freestyle by Brockton Rapper Alyssa Marie

The Internet can be the most beneficial tool to raise one’s status if used correctly. What noticeably trends upward is when artists look to Facebook to create a fanbase and become more personal with their fans. That’s only the first step to the secret of success and a high traffic fanbase; the next step comes down to creativity.

Story | Nico Blitz


Alyssa Marie sent a post to her fans with a challenge in mind: suggest an instrumental and she’ll have within 24 hours to post a freestyle.

One fan suggested “Feel It In the Air” by Beanie Sigel, which evidently caught Alyssa’s attention for a mean verse.

“Feel It In The Air” is a single from The B. Coming (2005), inspired by Beanie Sigel’s post-jail paranoia.

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