Who TF is T.F.? ErThangSkanless for Los Angeles’ Next Rap Superstar

The Greater Los Angeles has produced some of the greatest rap artists in history like Snoop Dogg, NWA, The Game, ScHoolboy Q, and Kendrick Lamar to name a few. One synonymous aspect in their lives that even the most addicted Hip Hop junkie cannot fathom is the gang violence that once occurred, and still occurs in their cities. These rap artists live to tell the tale as the few diamonds within the rough Los Angeles streets, and another diamond is rising as we speak.

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Introducing South Central’s Mychal Hatch, better known as T.F. Growing up in this area, Hatch felt he was forced into his affiliation with May first, May deuce, and May twelfth Crips to name a few.

“Childhood was crashed, you know. By 13 or 14 I was ducking guns, ducking bullets; playing football with a pistol right here, had to keep that. Nigga had to grow up quick.”

Another outlet from the violence, aside from playing football and indulging in games between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs, was telling his stories with a pen and paper. These stories began to develop into a craft during his time in jail.

“That shit just happened overnight. I always knew how to rap. Nigga ended up going to jail and shit, and had nothing else to do but read and write. Just started putting everything together, got better at it, and as soon as I came home that was my whole thing.”

Eventually, T.F released a set of singles under his project I’m T.F, and has quietly worked with other Angeleno artists within the past two years.

– The Lunch Table Introductory Article on T.F –

Since then, the Los Angeles rising rap star has made a guest appearance on ScHoolboy Q’s “Tookie Knows II”. As a master of his craft, he’s displayed his abilities in his latest single “September 7th”, which is a preview to his upcoming album ErThangSkanless.

The Lunch Table sat down with T.F to learn more about his affiliation with Crips, his relationship with ScHoolboy Q, and the union of gangs called by Snoop Dogg in wake of the recent shooting across the nation.

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