The Sound of 2018, New Trap Swing: Peep “Alright” by Eric Young

Even though it’s a new year, it doesn’t mean we don’t need our past ways to keep us running. Kendrick Lamar said it back in March 2015 on To Pimp A Butterfly, Mannywellz said it back in January 2017, and Eric Young is still saying it in January 2018. Folks, despite the struggle it is to get by, or how much tea we have to sip while living nearly every waking moment in America, we gon’ be alright.

Unlike the ferociousness from K. Dot’s record, or the extreme soulfulness from Mannywellz‘, Eric Young takes an approach that’s the epicenter in his version of “Alright”. Though it’s not a rendition to Lamar’s track, the concept remains the same. Moving between Philadelphia and Atlanta, Eric Young explains that, through his experiences, getting by has been a product of drug dealing. Though he never mentions that he’s dealt drugs, he’s referenced people in his life who’ve needed the job to survive.

As the producer of countless records for Phay (including their collaborative summer project E & Phay), Eric labels his unique sound as New Trap Swing. It’s unquestionably sums up his style as he exhibits trap lyrics over swing-like beats. 2018 is already looking bright for the Atlanta-based rapper/producer, and with that in mind, we are certainly going to be alright.

We’ll be keeping up with Eric Young, but if you’re interested in the boy give him a follow on Twitter.

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