Eric Bellinger – Term 2 Listening Party, Talks Going Blonde

As you’re walking down Santa Monica Pier you’ll catch on to the instant vibes the area has to offer: the aroma of the clear beach, happiness emanating from travelers across the world, and strings of talented performers along the strip. But it’s not everyday you’ll run into R&B’s favored singer of this generation, opening his arms to all his fans to enjoy a listening party for his new album Eric B for President: Term 2.

Story | Nico Blitz

Eric Bellinger, who lives but a few minutes away from Santa Monica Pier, describes his instant classic as the mindset much needed in America today. With Obama’s jet ski trip in mind, Term 2 is a reflection of the R&B singer’s lifestyle: a carefree, treat yourself-mentality that comes from his everyday grind. Essentially, we all grind in our own way and deserve a vacation. Whether we’re workaholics who need a week off, gym rats who need a cheat day, or students who can’t wait for Spring Break, Eric Bellinger proves through his album that the grind is totally worth the perseverance.

To further exemplify his experience, Eric held a listening party at Santa Monica Pier on Friday, March 10. He brought together a collective who enjoyed party refreshments, light up hand-clappers and sea urchins, giant ice cream cones complimented with a giant ‘2’ that represented his album, and of course, a night of Eric performing Term 2 and hits from his previous albums. Check out the experience below:

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