Eric Bellinger, The Game are ‘Blazin Wit the Bros’ Ahead of 4/20

It seems like Eric Bellinger‘s second term of presidency wasn’t enough. The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter capitalizes on his run by introducing ‘Blazin Wit The Bros,’ the first single off his second 2017 project Cannabliss.

Story | Nico Blitz

In preparation for the international holiday 4/20, ‘Blazin Wit The Bros’ is a track that emulates the vibes from Eric Bellinger’s Term 2, but instead focuses on marijuana usage. Pairing with L.A.’s rap veteran The Game balances the track from being too R&B or too Hip-Hop, which allows it to attract audiences from both genres while also enticing listeners who are or aren’t cannabis users.

“Gettin’ high, chillin with my bros/ And you know I got a gang of pre-rolls/ Gettin’ high, blazin’ with my bros/ Talkin’ bout these hoes”

Perfectly depicting the feelings we’ll get from the upcoming project, Cannabliss seems like it’s an instant trip to Cloud 10. Eric’s creativity to target present day events (first tackling the recent presidency of Donald Trump, and now Mary Jane’s international holiday) seems to be his strong suit within this past year, and he doesn’t seem to be taking any breaks.

We’re expecting to hear the remainder of Cannabliss within the next week. Stay tuned.

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