Eddie Zuko Explains the Value of Time in “El Tiempo”

Time isn’t something we can touch. It isn’t something we can control, maneuver with, or get back. It simply just exists. And when you’re in radio an have dealt with music industry people, you’ll understand the value of just one minute. Eddie Zuko explains his thoughts on time, visualized in his latest music video to “El Tiempo“.

The single is from Eddie Zuko’s 2017 project El Zuko EP, which contains his single “Made“. Produced by Anomeric, Eddie raps over a soulful, slow-tempo instrumental reiterating his observations from his home. He’s found that through time, some family members and friends have hit standstills because of the inability to quit their jobs, putting a hold on otherworldly pursuits. Though he’s found ways to move forward with his career choice, when he’s back home he feels like time is moving in reverse order:

“I been so outta my zone
No time to count up my wrongs no
Can’t help but think if only
Right here ain’t where I would be no,
Still got a job I can’t leave,
Won’t do this too long for free”


And don’t we all get that when we got back to the place we love? I find that whenever I’m back home in the Bay Area seasons change, buildings change, but lifestyle amongst certain individuals I’ve come across in life haven’t changed (for the better). Capturing that dream job; that “I don’t have to work because I love my job” job is only acquired through sacrifice. With his move from Imperial, CA to Los Angeles, Eddie’s signaled what’s to sacrifice for what’s to become.

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