“Easy/Faithful” | Phay’s Bravery to Speak Upon His Faith

In preparation for his debut project Mama, Atlanta rapper Phay spreads his wings on his latest single “Easy/Faithful” to express the intensity his faith has on his life. The album artwork shows Phay with a halo and angel wings, which is a full representation of the upbringing, angelic mood the song exhibits.

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One difficult part about anyone’s life is, how much of yourself are you supposed to give to another person? Clearly Hip Hop and faith-based rap have had their differences, but most recently rappers have become more adamant about sharing their beliefs.

We have rap artists like Chance the Rapper, or Andy Mineo who really made it OK to speak upon faith, but there’s still a stigma that comes with the title of being a Christian rapper.

As a newcomer in the game, Phay immediately wants his fans to know that he isn’t scared of the stigma; that in reality his faith put him in the position where he needs to be at this point in time. His actions exhibit realism. It’s easy to talk about the norm: money, women, jewelry, etc., but there comes a time in everyone’s life where these simplistic desires cease to be important. What you’re then left with is a whole bunch of nothing that won’t matter to anyone, including yourself.

But what does matter, to Phay any many others, is faith. What matters is seeing your progress positively affect other human beings in a way that no other can.

In relation to the STNDRD rapper, I believe he’s holding the door open as faith-based rappers like Chance the Rapper, Andy Mineo, and many more have tried in the past. But when you do walk through that door, you’ll enter a new realm of music that has the ability to truly uplift your spirit, and place you in euphoria.

Originally, Phay’s debut project Mama was set to release on October 15th, but the rapper apologizes for the delay precipitated by good news. We’ll be on the lookout for his release so stay tuned.

PSA. I love y’all. Please bear with me. Listen to “Faithful/Easy” in my bio. MAMA coming soon!

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