E-40, 40 0z. Malt Liquor – A Trip for your Taste Buds


With 24 albums under his belt, a Slurricane mix for alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike, and a following of Bay Area natives who have been fans since his debut in 1993, E-40 releases his new 40 oz. malt liquor that many have been waiting for.

Story By: Nico “Blitz” Triunfante featuring Yzzy Gonzalez

@nicoakablitz featuring @yzzygonzalez

Camera: @taypreza

Nico Blitz introduces his first video segment on the alcoholic beverage, with help from his highly-opinionated based friend, Yzzy Gonzalez.

Hitting your liver at 10% of alcohol, the Ambassador of the Bay does not fail to epitomize the alcohol game, as he creates a liquor that “accepted only the finest quality ingredients available. This refreshing malt liquor with a hint of honey is delicious and ready to go.”


Credit: Nico “Blitz” Triunfante

In order to pay homage to his hometown, Vallejo, California, the area code 707 is engraved on the can’s gold rim, where one can taste every sip of hyphy-oriented flavors that the Bay Area has to offer.


Credit: Nico “Blitz” Triunfante


However, the question remains: what do you think of E-40’s latest installment of his alcoholic line?


Credit: Nico “Blitz” Triunfante

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22 Comments on “E-40, 40 0z. Malt Liquor – A Trip for your Taste Buds”

  1. I am not much of a beer person. Hard liquor is preferred. But the honey flavor makes me wanna try it. Love the can design. Very unique! SUPER funny video. Good job at doing this first impression.

  2. The honey aspect of the beer seems almost like a representation of the fresh and golden-like era of the hyphy movement that took the Bay by storm. I myself am not a beer drinker, but this definitely would be a great beer to sip on with friends. Great job on the impression!

  3. Probably wouldn’t have known about its release of not for Blitz, I bought a E-40 ounce a week ago. Smooth malt beer that doesn’t taste cheap. Also, you will definitely get a great buzz before going out. Thanks for the suggest lil blitz!

  4. The video was enjoyable to watch , introducing me to the recently released beer, E-40. I doubt I would have ever considered trying or even knowing about this beer were it not for Blitz’s informative video, along with his friend, Yzzy. Keep it up.

  5. Alright, I’ll be honest. I laughed at this video, it was refreshing to watch people trying out some new beer with their reaction. I’ll be trying out the new beer. Thanks for the info nigga.

  6. Interesting article. I didn’t even know E-40 had a drink. I feel like I would try it regardless just to say I drank E-40’s drink. You guys did sell me with that video and made me curious. Great article and content man.

  7. Interesting that artists can have such a wide reach. When it comes to merchandising themselves, like a beer named after the artist? Quite interesting. I did get to try the beer on Super Bowl Sunday and it was quite delicious! So, good for E40, he’s making his mark on the beer/beverage world!

  8. You know you made it when they made a drink after you. I’d be down to try this before I swag out to a hyphy club, just to say I tried a bay area drank. Sounds like its malty as hell + honey makes for something easy to go bottoms up on w a 40 oz. Would def go Edward 40 handz on this, but nico ain’t down. Sounds like a good chaser w/ E-40’s slurricane that make me go YEE

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