Stay F*ck Boy-Free with Durand Bernarr’s Song “FNF”

Have you ever had a bad day because of a hater? That surely gets the best of us at times, but eventually we filter out the bullshit enough that we become immune to hate. For us who need an extra push, here’s this record from Durand Bernarr called “FNF”, which is an acronym for “Fuck N*gga-Free”.

Durand is a soulful artist who enjoys including contemporary slang into his music. Therefore, it’s no question to why he decided to talk about fuck boys and his urgency to keep them out of his life. This version of “FNF” is actually over an instrumental composed by legendary Bay Area producer DJ Fresh 3x. The producer invites us to an 80s party with his sound choice, allowing us to enjoy what (most of) our parents listened to while unquestionably understanding Durand’s lingo.

I couldn’t even go through my first listen of “FNF” without pausing the song and slowly soaking in Durand’s creativity. Literally I would play the record through the first chorus, stopped it and laughed because of how fuckin’ good the song is, played it again, and stopped it again after the verse for the same reason. This is a record that can get anyone from the 80s and on to enjoy. For the 80s babies, it’s 5 minutes of reminiscing. For 90s+ babies, this is something that needs to go viral.

For more on Durand Bernarr, peep our interview with him here.

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