Drake’s VIEWS lounging around the web


Drake’s latest VIEWS took off before even being released on April 29.

Story: Nico Blitz | @nicoakablitz

It’s no wonder Drake decided to rename his album from Views from the 6.

The Internet showed no mercy to continue Drake’s infinite amount of memes, but it was the 6 God himself that started off the meme trend of his views from all over the Internet, thanks to the help from The Young Astros on drakesviews.com. Drizzy posted several memes of the mini version of himself photo bombing popular images with the artists that collaborated on his 2016 release to start the wave.

Here are some of The Lunch Table’s self-generated VIEWS memes.

Drake and Cole got the same viewpoint from atop of the Forest Hills Drive house as you can see from the cover image.

Drake is infamous for being a Golden State Warriors fan (when he’s not rooting for the Raptors).

Drake's Views of Steph Curry

Drake on a lightsaber.


Drake made his way to the Golden Eagle Radio studio to record.Drake's Views in the Studio

Drake on the dabbing-Nico Blitz.

Drake on Nico Blitz Dabbing


What’s your favorite VIEWS meme?

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