Dorm Flow 2 | C5’s ambitious stories from the Dominguez Hills dorms


Oakland Native C5 tells stories of personal aspirations, entrepreneurship, and love while displaying his nifty, and intimate lyricism from his dorms in California State University, Dominguez Hills in his latest release Dorm Flow 2.

Story: Nico Blitz | @nicoakablitz

Image: Soundcloud

Released in late-January, Dorm Flow 2 is a sequel to C5’s November 2013 release. The homegrown East Bay individual strives away from the typical Bay Area sound, and places himself on a pedestal filled with relaxing samples, and not-so-heavy bass with outrageous synthesizers.

When taking a trip through the 17-track mixtape, we learn that C5 pays plenty of homage to his craft from his hometown and family, his dedication to the game surpasses that of an intimate relationship, he’s expediting his music through various media outlets, and he’s a vegetarian (as stated in “3 AM”).

“No more carbs for more beef, that’s literally / Vegetarian I’m in deep / That’s why I don’t ever settle for the ends meet”


Coming from the Bay Area, where even the hyphy-sound is rarely promoted in today’s Bay Area artists, C5 takes a different direction with his music through sampling and smooth rhythmic rap singing. However, he does remind us of his Bay Area heritage by using vernacular such as “hella” – a fused word from the phrase “hell of a lot” – and “slaps” – a term used to describe a song that is a certified banger.

He strives away from the expected-bars of drug dealing and turning up, and pushes his ideals of personal growth through college, internships, and most importantly, physical, mental, and spiritual support through his family and loved ones.

Some notable songs include his family-oriented, Dystinkt Beats-produced track “Proud”, the sample-heavy intro “All or Nothing” – Produced by Causmic.

And his ambitious story for personal success “Nothin Left” – Produced by Nostalgic.



The Bay Area is notorious for producing today’s top club bangers and trunk slappers, whereas C5’s Dorm Flow 2 does not follow the commonly heard criteria.

This can go one of two ways – if he ends up changing his style to that typical Bay Area sound he may blow up quickly in the clubs, which may lead to sporadic plays until a new wave of club music comes up.

The second outcome – if he chooses to stick with his style – the young C5 may see his career expand to a wider audience, similar to that of G-Eazy’s career pathway. This tends to lead to a slower, but more efficient progression.

It’ll be interesting to see what C5 decides to do with his career. It’s in his hands to either revise his sound to today’s Bay Area music, or maintain his style, knowing that his career will make its way to the limelight slowly, but surely.

For more on C5, check out his Soundcloud.

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