Don’t Let Go Freestyle: Omen’s story from Chiraq


“Don’t Let Go Freestyle” tells a story of violence, assault, and negligence toward the youth of Chicago through the eyes of Dreamville rap artist Omen.

Story: Nico Blitz Ÿ @nicoakablitz

Image: Dreamville

The freestyle elaborates on Omen’s personal thoughts of his hometown, relating the streets to a battlefield known as “Chiraq” – an implication that combines Chicago and Iraq as one in the same.

Ironically, Omen’s self-produced track does not feature dark chords or bass that you would consider hardcore, but rather sentimentalizes the pain by throwing in high-key pianos and melodies that familiarize themselves with his 2015 track “Things Change”.


Coming off of his 2015 album release Elephant Eyes, which indefinitely exemplified Omen’s unique style of intellectual flows, versatile vocabulary, and the willingness to expose the weaknesses of today’s society, this recent freestyle prepares us for a sequel that may carry on similar characteristics.

It’ll be great to see what Omen can come up with, or if these freestyle sessions are simply previews of an upcoming album he has in mind. Dreamville loves to work in secrets, so we’ll see in the near future what Turn Down King can come up with.


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