Does Rihanna’s dual music video ‘Work’?


Doors for creativity just keep on getting wider, especially with the world’s first dual music video transpired in Rihanna and Drake’s infectious “Work” video.

Story By: Nico “Blitz” Triunfante


Images By: Power 106

According to Rihanna, that’s not the only thing that’s getting wider. Her fanbase is continually expanding, and before detaching myself as a fan because of the ratchetness in the “Work” teaser video, the second half of the 7 minute video kept me in place.




The first half is directed by the infamous director of Hotline Bling, Director X. During this portion, I was highly disappointed because the video displayed typical ratchet activity. Though entertaining in the sense of its correlation with the Jamaican vibe that “Work” gives off, I expected a little bit more intimacy and connection between Riri and Drizzy when I first heard the single.

That’s when the second half surprised me. Directed by Tim Erem, the intimacy and connection that seemed nonexistent in the first half was revived when the audience sees the duo in a Hotline Bling-like room dancing and singing, reminding us that the “Take Care” version of the two are not dead.

If I were the director, I would have created a setting in which Drake and Rihanna were a couple living together in an apartment complex. The two would then take off for work in the morning, attend to their daily duties while keeping in contact throughout the day, and finishing their day back at their apartment to engage in some Netflix & Chill.

But what does the media have to say about the videos?

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