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A friend of mine named Leslie Santos, aka DJ Lezlee, woke up one morning and spun at a local club in Downey, California. She grabbed her laptop, vinyls, and needles to prep herself for a night she’d already been accustomed to, though her intuition told her something special was going to happen.

That intuition proved correct as it became a night that would change her life forever. In the crowd was the program director and station manager from a local hip hop iHeartRadio station, who eventually put Lezlee on air for her talents on the tables. As a mixer on Real 92.3, she’s expanded her audience across Los Angeles and has built herself up as a flawless turntablist who specializes in mixing all genres with a twist of Lezlee.

However, Lezlee doesn’t credit herself for her own upbringing. She pays homage to Young California’s DJ Carisma, who not only breaks records for artists across the west coast, but who also paved a way for women DJs like Lezlee. Her influence runs deep with Lez, as she sees Carisma as a woman who’s unapologetically herself.

Let’s face it, women are heavily objectified in this world. A woman can’t walk around wearing comfortable clothes without anyone thinking negatively. This thought isn’t limited to skin revealing apparel, but also when women wear Jordans, baggy clothes, and anything that suits their comfort, we tend to throw instant judgement.

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So think about when a woman DJs a club, decides she wants to wear something that’s suitable for a compacted space filled with drunks and furnaced bodies, and gets eyeballed or frowned upon for wearing what comforts her.

I’m not saying don’t look at a woman, because you can surely appreciate their beauty. Just don’t objectify them. Fellas, we gotta remember that they’re people too. Lezlee’s testimony proves that women just want to be appreciated for their talents and the entertainment they bring into our lives. The second we objectify a woman is the second we omit their talents, their strengths, and our appreciation for their necessity.

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