Kittens Will Scratch Her Way to Revolutionize the DJ Industry

LA based DJ – Kittens (previously known as DJ Soulre) is hoping to create a positive impact for women in the music industry. Born Lauren Abedini, she is 1/4th of the LA collective Athletixx, who also holds Hoodboi, Falcons, and Promnite.

She gained attention after opening for Kid Cudi during his tour in 2013. She’s received praise from Usher, Skrillex, A-Trak, and Demi Lovato.

Revolutionizing the DJ industry for women, Kittens is also the founder for PWR: a celebrated series of non-profit DJ workshops for women in which all proceeds donated goes towards local women’s shelters. Partnering with Run-DMC’s Scratch DJ academy, and DJ software company Serato, she hosts PWR With Kittens, a class where kittens teaches disk jockey fundamentals.

Kittens uses her platform to vocalize and teach upcoming artists how to perfect their craft. She is leading as a women in power within the industry, and as a badass DJ.

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