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DJ Estradation, also known as Eric Estrada by his family and close friends, is a Los Angeles born, Glendale native, who has made his mark all over Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area.

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Born on August 24, 1993, DJ Estradation started spinning on his 15th birthday, where he practiced on his friend’s iPod controller. Fueled by a good time and addiction to the music, he was taught all the features that the controller had to offer, enabling him to get a taste of mixing songs to his liking.

Fast-forwarding to that Christmas, he received his first DJ controller from his parents, a Numark Mixtrack. This controller was perfect for practicing with its small platters, basic buttons and knobs, mixing in hip-hop and Spanish music. Eventually, those practice sessions led to his first gig at his neighbor’s family barbeque, where he got his first payment as DJ Estradation.

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His Spanish, hip-hop mixing was influenced by DJ Skream of Latino 96.3. DJ Estradation got the chance to sit with him when he booked Skream for a high school dance. There, he got the chance to converse with him, which triggered Estradation to pursue his DJing career even further.

Since then, DJ Estradation has worked numerous proms, quinces, Sweet Sixteens, and made his way onto stages in Hollywood, Empire, Las Palmas, and the Highlands. However, none could compare to his most notable performance in Spring 2015 as DJ Estradation of Golden Eagle Radio.

“I was assigned to DJ Primetime hour. I was nervous because I wanted to do good and wanted to show these other DJs and GER members what I got. It was one of the few times I got chills during performing. The energy inside was crazy. I could tell everyone was having a good time, and part of that was because I was doing my thing. I can recall just feeling my fingers numb and just really enjoying myself. Its one of those moments I will never forget.”

Eventually, DJ Estradation became the Lead DJ of Golden Eagle Radio and continues to pursue his passion. Aside from DJing, he’s a soccer player and puts Barcelona as his all time favorite team.

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His spare time is taken up by reading – with his favorite book being Always Running by Luis J. Rodriguez – and is highly involved with his church, Cristo Rey Catholic Church, where he spends certain mornings teaching students about his faith.

“It’s a huge part of my life, as I enjoy serving my community. I definitely have to give all the credit to the Man upstairs for where I stand today.”

Want to grab DJ Estradation for any occasion?

Eric Estradation // Instagram: @djestradation // (818) 209-9720

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