Shia Labeouf Figurine Meets Stop-Motion on Derek Simpson’s “Nothing” Video

Derek Simpson has a lot of time on his hands to create. With his latest single “Nothing” just hitting the Internet, it wasn’t long before the Long Beach-based musician released a music video as a follow up. This music video, however, requires creativity, time, and patience since he filmed the entire video with stop-motion tactics.

A figurine of Shia Labeouf plays the main character who enjoys a day filled with the simple things real humans should be enjoying; walks around the world, hitting on generic hula girls, and watching sunsets until they rise again. The video to “Nothing” captures the simplicity of life, which ironically combats the tediousness and simplicity that comes creating a stop-motion film.

Humbly enough, Derek pinpoints his creative process down to one thing, “You can do whatever you set your mind to,” as mentioned in a recent tweet. Watch the music video that cost him not one penny above.

Listen to “Nothing” on your favorite streaming platforms here.

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