DeJ Loaf and Leon Bridges Get “Liberated” In New Video

DeJ Loaf and Leon Bridges released their new single with visuals titled “Liberated“, providing a duality of soul and pop that’s sure to be a summer anthem.

“Lib – er – at – ed, (Of a person) showing freedom from social conventions or traditional ideas; Freedom from limits on thought or behavior,” is how the video for “Liberated” starts. Directed by Los Angeles native Calmatic, he follows the initial definition with personal definitions from the very voices their hoping to uplift with the song.

“People gettin’ liberated

Get up on your feet if you got the feeling

Hey, get up on your feet

Say, people gettin’ liberated

Get up on your feet if you got the feeling

Hey, get up on your feet

People gettin’ liberated”

The verses are just as impactful, shining light on the differences that makes us unique. Whether it’s feeling empowered by your dark skin or embracing your sexuality, this is a song about individuality, choice, and decision. It’s about rising up and grabbing what you want and becoming who you are, and it’s as Leon put it in a comment on Instagram, “a lil somethin lite for the summer.”

In addition to dropping a song to dance to all summer, Loaf helped liberate hundreds of couples in New York when she posted on social media to shoot through New York City Hall on 6/8/2018 so she could cover the cost of their marriage licenses.

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The two also encourage people to “get liberated” by visiting the cite to hear from others all over the world and to share your own stories of liberation.

Watch the visuals for “Liberated” here:


Photo courtesy | Detroit Informer 

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